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Touching Tribute at Roundtable

About a month ago, two of our scouts; a tiger and a bear, now a webelos scout, lost their mother. She made beautiful things out of glass…so many beautiful things. Their house is covered with gorgeous colored glass decorations she made. At the February…

Resource: Roundtable

Roundtable is a term you will hear every now and then from leaders who have been around Scouting for a while. Once a month, usually on a Thursday  evening, Scouters (adult volunteers) will gather for an hour-long meeting.

Want a Sneak Peek at Roundtable?

Would you like to know what is going to be presented at Roundtable before you show up for the meeting? Do you have a curiosity that can only be satisfied by being in the know? Want to take hold of your Roundtable experience?

Topics for Roundtable

Do you have something you would like to see presented at Roundtable? If you have an idea for the monthly meeting of all Shawnee Trails Scouters we’d love to hear it. Below are a couple ideas to get us started from Scouters we have…

Behind the Scenes of Roundtable

Meet the 2018 Shawnee Trails Roundtable Leadership Anne Borgmier – Assistant District Commissioner for Roundtable Administration Alan Clark – Assistant District Commissioner for Roundtable Training David Bryant – Assistant Roundtable Commissioner for Administration Harry Moyer – Assistant Roundtable Commissioner for Training

Roundtable Update for February

Hello Shawnee Trails Scouters: Welcome:¬†Welcome to the February Shawnee Trails Roundtable! We are glad you have chosen to spend the next hour-or-so with us. Our Goal For Tonight: It is our hope, and stated intent, that you will feel welcome here, learn something new,…

February 18 Roundtable

February 2018 Roundtable A celebration of the history and the future of Scouting in our part of the Council. There was singing, birthday cake, smiles and handshakes tonight at the Shawnee Trails District Roundtable Meeting.

March Roundtable Recap

March 2018 Roundtable Learning by doing. Does a marshmallow weigh so much more than a stick off spaghetti that it cannot defy gravity and physics? This weighty question and others were answered at the March 2018 Shawnee Trails Roundtable.

March Roundtable Bulletin

The following is the bulletin from the District Commissioner and District Committee Chairman for the March 2018 Roundtable Meeting. We sincerely appreciate your investment of time to attend Roundtable. We want Roundtable to become a “want to” meeting as opposed to a “have to”…

Why Change YPT?

From the National Committee regarding Youth Protection Training. Over the decades, the Boy Scouts of America has been a leader in developing training and policies designed to keep young people safe. Over time, these policies have become standard with organizations across the nation. Now,…

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